The Gepard GM6 'Lynx' is a semi-automatic anti- material rifle. Thanks to the unique barrel recoil technology (SERO developed), the rifle's recoil is less than the other rifles' in the same category, and it makes its portable size only 915 mm. It operates with standard 12.7x107 Russian or standard .50 Browning rounds, and its penetration capacity is not less than the other destroyer rifles' with longer barrel.

Its Purpose to stop or disable targets such as light armoured vehicles, armoured rifle troops, light shelters and buildings, radio- electronical constructions, missile launchers and hovering helicopters from 600-800 m range.

The weapon's light weight, high accuracy, small size, and impressive rate of fire make this rifle one of the best, if not the best.

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We have participated on the Defexpo 2010 with the GM6 Lynx anti-material destroyer rifle. We presented one of product at the hungarian booth, and two at our indian partner's Punj Lloyd stand.


  DSEi defence expo 2009, UK
  We have participated on the DSEi defence expo with the GM6 Lynx destroyer rifle followed by a succesfull demonstration shooting in Wales.